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The easy way to save on prescriptions

Sample Perscription Drug Card
Every year, the average American fills 12 prescriptions at an average retail price of $71 per prescription. With the complimentary Prescription Savings Card, you can provide valuable savings to employees, group members or anyone who supports your business. The Prescription Savings Card saves members an average of 41% on generic and brand-name prescriptions at more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

With the Prescription Savings Card, you can:

  • Offer savings of 10%-85% off the cost of prescriptions
  • Provide a no-cost benefit to employees
  • Add value to group and association memberships
  • Enhance customer loyalty programs

The New Benefits pharmacy card is FREE and can be printed today!

See How Much You Could Be Saving on Your Prescription!

Find Out How Much You Can Save! To find exact medication discounts you will receive using this program, Click Below! This website allows you to identify participating pharmacies and review the exact cost of your prescription.

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Reasons individuals request the New Benefits Discount Pharmacy Card

  1. Individuals who have no health insurance coverage at this time.
  2. Individuals with an existing medical plan with high pharmacy copay options.
  3. Individuals who have a mandated healthcare plan which requires a deductible to be satisfied before pharmacy is covered.
  4. Medicare Part D members can comparison shop to determine the lowest medication cost.
  5. Pet Owners – pet medications are available

To properly evaluate the merits of this card, please review the following information: