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MedOneSelectWelcome to Medical One Select,

Medical One Select is an agency that specializes in medical and lifestyle discount programs.  Our focus is to provide timely, relevant and meaningful discount programs which typically are too expensive as a standalone insurance product.

Medical One Select team has been servicing affinity groups, associations, union affiliates, small businesses and individuals for over 10 years.  Medical and Lifestyle discount programs are currently helping over 25 million Americans save money on pharmacy, dental, chiropractic card, hearing aids vitamins and doctor visits.

We do not replace existing insurance programs. Our programs help individuals save money in areas typically not included under today’s mandated insurance plans. Our clients use our programs to alleviate the costs of their health care and out of pocket expenses.  Advantages of medical discount cards: no paperwork, no-waiting periods to use the benefits, no health restrictions, access to national networks, documented savings, and instant activation.

Med One Select has an in-depth understanding of the issues with which our clients struggle. Our staff experts are eager to help. We work as a team with our clients to provide inexpensive, convenient solutions.

We strive to construct an unbeatable pricing structure for the benefits we provide including a FREE Pharmacy Card which provides an average 42% savings on your prescription purchases.  We have also built an inexpensive discount package with benefits which may be omitted from traditional healthcare including; dental, hearing, vision, chiropractic benefits.

We pride ourselves on personal service, communicating with our members and staying ahead of our clients’ needs. In closing, our program offers value through direct cost savings on services centered on your health and well-being.  Thank you for evaluating our services.

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